After Sales Service at GBH Design GmbH

After sales service is an important factor at GBH Design, since we want every customer to fully enjoy his high-grade lift system for many more years after completion.

We offer lift emergency call 24/7, and maintenance and services according to DIN EN 13015. We want to guarantee a reliant and long-term availability of the lift system during the warranty period and beyond through technical support.

Local partners are representing our company at home and abroad. They are trained by our technicians in the course of the lift installation and supported later on when servicing the lift.

You can rely on GBH Design and her partners all over the world, even a long time after lift completion. Thanks to our sophisticated technology and in consultation with the client we are able to access the control system of your lift and check whether everything works smoothly. In case there is some technical problem, we can make a diagnosis or solve problems per remote access, or we offer helpful support to the local technician.

Generally, we and our partners use only original spare parts for the maintenance and repair of the lift system.

Moreover, we can show you how to avoid problems. We will be happy to tell you which of the spare parts should be kept and how many. In short, GBH Design is offering her customers a reliable after sales service.

If you have any questions concerning maintenance and services, please contact us via the following telephone number: +49 (0)8139 9321 310.