Top rides in angular glass lifts made by GBH Design GmbH

For office buildings, private homes or even for listed buildings the angular glass lifts made by GBH Design may be a perfect solution. GBH Design constantly endeavours to find and implement attractive solutions in consideration of the provisions for the protection of listed buildings, technical feasibilities und structural conditions, and in consultation with the client.

The glass cars may either run in angular glass/stainless steel structures or in open shafts. Here as well, the linear car- and shaft doors with underlying door mechanism, specially made for low shaft pits, may be used. Structural conditions decide whether a rope driven or hydraulic driven lift shall be installed.

Ozeaneum, Stralsund

In the lobby of the Ozeaneum in Stralsund a new glass lift has been launched in July 2010.

The objective was to transport wheelchair users and parents with pushchairs directly and conveniently to the aquariums. The lift is designed for 18 persons, who can marvel at the whale skeletons during the ride.

The lift framework consists of two steel girders which are not fastened in between their length of 16 meters. Nevertheless they are able to carry any static load of the lift system. Thanks to our underfloor door-drive design we mastered the technical challenge given by a shaft head depth of only 2200 mm.

On the ground floor the lift is surrounded by a glass balustrade, on the upper floor a glass wall safeguards the users of the lift. The gearless drive is equipped with energy recovery and located in the pit.

Technical data:

1 Lift system
Rated load 1.850 kg or 18 persons
2 Stops
Travel height 16 m
Traction drive, frequency-controlled
Speed 1.0 m/s
Built in 2010

Private Residence in Starnberg

On the lakeside of the idyllic Lake Starnberg, 25 km southwest of Munich, we installed a glass lift in an already existing villa.

It was the customer’s desire to place the lift unobtrusively and transparently in the entrance hall of the house. In order to meet the objectives of modern design and transparency, we furnished the hydraulic lift with a lot of glass and mirror-polished stainless steel.

The hydraulic piston was placed eccentrically below the lift car in order to make the car as spacious as possible and for transparency’s sake.

Revolving- and folding doors make the lift car accessible for the handicapped. Constructional specification was a shaft depth of 10 cm.

Technical data:

1 Lift system
Rated load 330 kg or 4 persons
2 Stops
Travel height 3.4 m
Hydraulic drive
Speed 0.4 m/s
Built in 2012

Süd-Chemie AG, Munich

The headquarters of Süd Chemie AG, a major chemical company, had been equipped with a glass lift, manufactured by GBH and built into an existing staircase which fits in with the design of the historical building.

We were challenged to design a lift system for the existing stairwell that should utilize the available space optimally.

No structural alterations to the historical building were allowed.

Technical data:

1 Lift system
Rated load 525 kg
7 Stops
Travel height 25.40 m
Traction drive 1:1
Speed 1.60 m/s
Built in 2006

Schattdecor AG, Thansau

Schattdecor AG, the global leader in the field of printing decor papers, realized a new building for their headquarters.

GBH was charged with the construction of two different lift systems.

In the light-flooded lobby a rectangular hydraulic lift connects the groundfloor level with the basement.
The filigree glass-and-stainless steel construction matches the interior design of the building perfectly.

Technical data:

1 Lift system
Rated load 1.200 kg or 16 persons
2 Stops
Travel height 4.35 m
Hydraulic double piston 1:1
Speed 0.40 m/s
Built in 2005

Rathausgalerie, Innsbruck

The free-running lift fits in perfectly with the glamorous world of department stores.
The all-glass car emerges between glass panels of the surrounding guard into the air like an observation platform.

The shaft consists only of U-shaped belts covered with stainless steel, which engage laterally in the guide tubes.

The double pistons of the hydraulic drive ensure a smooth run of the lift.

Technical data:

15 Lift systems
Rated load 630 kg
2 Stops
Travel height 4.20 m
Hydraulic drive
Speed 0.90 m/s
Built in 2002

Shopping Mall Kawasaki Station, Japan

Right in the middle of the shopping mall of Kawasaki central station, near Tokyo, another unique example of GBH Design products can be found.

The angular glass car with glass ceiling has been fitted with our type-tested shaft doors and car doors with under-floor drive. This is why the transparent lift system fits easily into its modern environment.

The lift car running freely in an open shaft and covering the height of two storeys has only a minimum of mechanical elements. GBH’s rail concept made of tubular stainless steel was enthusiastically acclaimed by the architect Nikken Sekkei.

The requirement of constructing the lift earthquake-proof without losing its impression of transparency has once again been solved by our designers and structural engineers in a convincing way.

Technical data:

1 Lift system
Rated load 1.000 kg or 15 persons
2 Stops
Travel height 8 m
Hydraulic drive 1:1
Speed 0.75 m/s
Built in 2010