Top rides in rotating glass lifts made by GBH Design GmbH

Rotating glass lifts are increasingly the attractions in famous flagship stores or in luxurious private residences. Concealed behind this rotating marvel is a technical masterpiece, sophisticated design, exact coordination of all components and highest-quality materials.

GBH Design designed and constructed a glass lift for the new Louis Vuitton Store in London that rotates over three stops on its way up. Due to the differently positioned landing doors on each of the three floors the car is travelling at different speeds and rotating positions.

Private Residence in London

At the building owner’s request GBH Design built a rotating lift running over 5 floors in a residence in London’s magnificent district Notting Hill. The circular glass lift, which is surrounded by the staircase, is located in the centre of this listed building.  Every stainless steel part of the lift construction as well as the stringboards and handrails were spectrally coated in bronze, as requested. 

The rotating lift car can be regarded as the special highlight, with a total rotation of 189°, namely of 36° from the access „Lowest basement“ to the access „Basement“ and of  another 162° to the next access „Lower floor“. From there on it runs straight upwards to the “First floor”.

Its unique design, the overall glazing made of high-quality clear glass as well as the technically sophisticated GBT doors with underfloor drive turn the lift itself into a piece of art, which can be easily integrated into this excellently furnished and decorated residence.

Technical data:

1 rotating glass lift
Rated load 500 kg or 6 persons
5 stops
Travel height 14.765 m
Hydraulic drive
Rated speed 0.6 m/s
Built in 2015

Castle Rabenstein, Graz

Attached to a castle from the 15th century is this panoramic lift system. Due to its corpus made of glass it can be seen from far away.
The pictures show how an antique building structure has been combined with modern technology.

On request of the customer we devoloped a lift system that is rotating during the ride by 540° or 180°, thus giving a panoramic view and an extraordinary riding effect to the visitor.

Technical data:

1 Lift system
Rotation of 540° or 180° during the ride
Rated load 975 kg
2 Stops
Travel height 45 m
Speed selectable – 1.0 m/s or 0.63 m/s
Built in 2007