GBH Design lift doors centrally opening

Design, dimensios and fastening can be customized

Clear door width: 800 mm up to 1400 mm
Clear door height: 2000 mm up to 3000 mm
Construction of door mechanism: 400 mm / with apron 460 mm
Standard surface: Stainless steel-K240
Standard door leaves: TVG float glass up to TH 2500 mm
Frame door leaves: TVG float glass from TH 2500 mm

Possible alternative materials:
– Full glass door leaves in white glass
– Door leaves in metal sheet construction
– Door leaves with grid mesh insert

Visible surfaces:
Stainless steel mirror-polished, brass, 24 ct gold, hand-gilded, stainless steel spectral coated or with special stove enamel coating in almost any colour

and much more…

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RSZ-S1-Lift car door

RSZ-S1-Landing door